What parents say about their experience

Lani Willey

Lani talks about the diagnosis and treatment experience with her adopted son, Mathew.

Shirley Nutt

Shirley talks about the treatment of her son, Wyatt, who was diagnosed at age 5.

Dr. Brad Ramsey

Dr. Ramsey share his experience with Jack who was diagnosed with autism when he was about 2 and a half years old.

Rod Augustine – Attorney at Law

Rod is an attorney and a father of Christopher who was diagnosed with Autism.

Keith McCann

Licensed Marriage Therapist (LMFT)

Nikko Da Paz, PHD

Nikko is the mother of Evilasio who was diagnosed with Autism.

Terrie Baker

Terrie is the mother of Kyle who was diagnosed with Autism.

Carmen Serratos

Carmen is a mother of three children diagnosed with Autism.

The FirstPath program has enabled my son to become the most loving child. People are able to see what a great person he is. He is now able to go out in the world and be happy with himself.

FirstPath lessons have been an absolute godsend. The lessons have opened our world up like we never could have done before. I cannot recommend the program highly enough.

When I think about my son and his participation in the FirstPath program, I cannot fathom where he would be without it.

I would tell any parent that’s interested in FirstPath that it’s an amazing program. If they stick to it and do their part and just go with it, they’re going to see amazing results in their children.

I would definitely, 1,000 percent recommend FirstPath without hesitation. And I would do it again for my son, and I still use the techniques I’ve learned.

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