We know that raising or working with a child with autism can be hard. We’re here to help.

If you need assistance with a specific behavior, our staff of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)-trained professionals is available by phone:

1 (844) 343-7284
9AM – 5PM* (PST)
* After hours calls will be returned the following business day.



FirstPath Autism has created a comprehensive approach for parents and professionals working to improve the lives of children with autism. It combines:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) lesson videos
  • Lesson guides
  • Phone support
  • Online communities


How does it work?

The Behavior management videos provide an overview of common behaviors found with autism. The skills lessons are instructional videos with a lesson guide that will help you teach your child skills using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). These resources serve as supplemental support for parents of children who are currently in ABA therapy as well as help for parents and children currently on a waiting list for ABA therapy.


Where do I start?

FirstPath is designed to be flexible. The Lesson progression chart (below) provides an overview and potential path, or you can choose lessons within categories that are most appropriate for your child based on behavior.

click to open the Lesson progression chart PDF  Lesson progression chart


How do I use the data sheets?

The downloadable data sheets are an essential element of the FirstPath process. Before you start working with your child on a skills lesson, download the PDF for that specific exercise. You will find the links for the data sheets below the overview of each lesson in lesson library.

Data tracking presents a more accurate depiction of your child’s headway and FirstPath’s effectiveness. By recording milestones every time you go through a lesson, you create a full picture of your child’s mastery of each skill.

We recommend that you keep the data sheets in a binder with tabs for each lesson. Then, as you look back through these records, you’ll see the cumulative improvements in your child’s ability to perform tasks and improve skills.