“Why should effective autism treatments be kept from parents?”  

FirstPath Autism began because of that fundamental question. At the Genesis Behavior Center in Turlock, California, our founder Romina Kiryakous (aka “Romey”) saw just how much Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques helped local children.

However, Romina also knew that millions more individuals with autism and their families lacked ABA services. And she was determined to offer affordable, accessible support for those outside the Turlock area.

Now, after years of planning and preparation, Romina’s dream is a reality. We’ve created FirstPath to bridge the gap between autism families and clinically proven, effective ABA services. In short, FirstPath Autism is an autism lifeline for parents.

We know firsthand how hard it can be to parent a child on the autism spectrum, yet we also know that individuals with autism have tremendous abilities and unique gifts. ABA Therapy is an excellent, research-proven way to help empower and support individuals with autism.

Our mission is to help more children with autism to reach their potential, and we believe that by providing families with access to the same clinical treatments we use every day at the Genesis Behavior Center, we can do just that.

 One Family’s Story


Meet Shirley Nutt, whose son Wyatt just turned 16. When speaking about Wyatt’s autism-spectrum diagnosis  eleven years ago, she says,

“I was actually relieved; I thought, ‘Now we know what it is … let’s see what we can do.’ But … we felt very lost. Nobody could help us, there was no help at all.”

Since there were fewer autism organizations and support systems available when Wyatt was diagnosed, Nutt and her husband sought out parent groups and resources on their own. That’s when they met Romina and heard about ABA for the first time.

Now, Shirley says,

“I would definitely, 1000% recommend FirstPath, without hesitation. I would do it again for my son. I still use the techniques that I’ve learned [through ABA].”

In fact, when Shirley recounts the first-ever conversation she had with Wyatt after he began working with an ABA specialist, she tears up, saying,

“It was amazing. I would give anything for every parent to experience that.”

And that’s the promise of FirstPath: that you can access the tools necessary to promote connections with your child. The FirstPath program is a curated series of ABA training videos featuring professionals with decades of ABA experience, but the motivation behind it is deeply personal.

It’s the car ride when a mother like Shirley Nutt has a verbal dialogue with her son.

It’s the instant when a daughter makes eye contact with her father.

It’s the first time that two siblings play a game together without prompting.

True, it takes consistent practice for individuals with autism to learn the social skills necessary to facilitate these moments. But aren’t these points of connection worth working toward, worth fighting for?

Making Life Easier for Parents

At FirstPath, we understand that securing autism support and advocating for your child with autism can be as demanding as a full-time job. As such, we want to help make life easier for you as a parent while empowering your child to make gains.

Our ABA video series focuses on helping individuals with autism to make tangible, day-to-day victories. That’s why the FirstPath video library includes instruction on dressing skills, interactive play, emotions labeling, and more.

And while our videos do not replace the value of a full-time ABA therapist, they do give you an affordable way to have more control over your child’s learning, using proven, evidence-based methods and treatment strategies.

What Does A Free Trial of FirstPath Autism Include?

Help your child develop to their full potential. Our free 14-day trial includes:

  • 50+ videos to improve your child’s behaviors and skills.
  • Live phone support from Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) professionals through our ABA Helpline.
  • Full access to our video treatment library from your home, school, or office.
  • …and more!

So, why should effective autism treatments be kept from parents like you? Here’s our immediate, heartfelt answer: It shouldn’t be!