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Fragile Learner Model

Fragile Learner – A child can be considered fragile when there are certain events that are causing or contributing to that child feeling extraordinarily stressed, in turn leading to the child experiencing difficulty effectively managing his/her day (sometimes referred to as “Setting Events”; for the purpose of this model, these events will be labeled “Context Events”). Context […]


How autism and sensory processing disorder are linked

“Do you think sensory issues are at the root of what makes autistic people different?”   That’s the powerful question that Maia Szalavitz of TIME Magazine asked world-renowned professor, author, and self-advocate Temple Grandin in a 2013 interview. Grandin’s reply? “I think the core criterion is the social awkwardness, but the sensory issues are a serious problem […]


Steps To Social Success Videos!

Social Success – FirstPath Autism is proud to announce our new Steps to Social Success® video series on YouTube! This new how-to video series can be utilized as helpful tutorials for helping to teach important specialized situations. A Modern Learning Aid For Modern Learners Designed as a supplimentary teaching tool for our Steps to Social Success® […]

Tips for getting the most out of ABA therapy

Does this sound familiar? After doing some research and hearing recommendations from people you trust, you’ve made the choice to enroll your child in an ABA therapy program. Problem is, you’re not sure exactly what comes next. What can you do to help your child succeed? We’ve got a few tips we’d like to share. […]

Autism & Maladaptive Behaviors: What’s a Parent to Do?

Maladaptive behaviors are attempts to decrease anxiety and gain personal agency and control. The non-adaptive nature of these behaviors also prevents children with autism from participating in family and community activities. Examples of maladaptive behaviors include tantrum-related behaviors such as hitting, kicking, or screaming. Unsure as to whether your child is having tantrums or meltdowns? […]