Here at FirstPath Autism, we believe that by providing families and professionals with access to the same clinical treatments we use every day, we can help more children reach their potential and interact successfully with their peers.

Our program is based on the principle and procedures of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which has the highest success rate and is the most widely recommended treatment for autism. What is ABA? It’s the research-based process of helping individuals to change and better specific behaviors.

FirstPath Autism’s video-based lessons and strategies serve as an introduction to ABA for individuals who have never received services, yet they’re also a helpful resource for individuals who currently receive ABA. FirstPath Autism can be a starting point, or supplemental reinforcement for an existing learning process. Each online lesson also comes with a lesson guide and data sheet so you can track progress, and our lesson progression chart provides guidance as you work through the curriculum.

Using real interactions between children and autism professionals, our videos provide step-by-step examples of how to help children and young adults with autism develop the behaviors and skills they need to move forward and reach their potential.

In addition to our wide selection of previously available video resources, we’re excited to announce the addition of another 29+ videos to our ever-growing library!

We hope you take a look at the broad range of behavioral, social, life, and academic skills and let us know what you think about the new videos!

Behavior management
– Meltdowns
– Self-stimulatory
– Self-injurious
– Non-compliance
– Bolting
– AggressionMaladaptive Behaviors new!
– Meltdowns new!
– Non-compliance new!
– Self-stimulatory new!
– Bolting new!|– LEARNING SKILLS –|

Learning readiness
– Reinforcer assessment
– Token system new!
– Readiness and compliance skills
– Following instructions
– Asking / Requesting (Basic & Advanced)

Imitation skills
– Imitating actions
– Imitating speech

Classroom readiness new!
– Basic writing (Writing/Art Skills) new!

Labeling skills
– Identifying objects
– Identifying colors
– Identifying shapes
– Identifying parts of the body
– Identifying people and occupations
– Identifying actions

Labeling skills (Advanced)
– Complete sentences
– Feature, function, class of objects
– Prepositions
– Pronouns

Visual performance skills
– Puzzles new!
– Matching and sorting
– Block Imitation new!

Pre-Reading skills new!
– Letter Matching new!
– Letter identification: Upper- and lower-case new!
– Phonics and blends
– Rhymes

Reading skills
– Reading comprehension

Pre-math skills
– Counting: Rote and terminal new!
– 1:1 Correspondence: Counting objects new!
– Number ID new!
– Number to quantity match
– Patterns and sequencing new!
– Number sequencing

Math skills new!
– More than/Less than (Basic) new!
– Simple addition new!
– Simple subtraction
– Telling time

Behavior strategies new!
– Self-injury new!
– Fragile Learner new!
– ABC Data collection new!
– Extinction Burst new!|– LIFE SKILLS –|  Self-help skills
– Eating skills
– Eating new foods
– Dressing skills
– Grooming skills
– Toileting

Community safety
– Safety and rule signs
– Situations and decision making
– Community Outing new!
– Assertion
– Desensitization and coping skills new!


Conversation (Basic)
– Familiar fill-ins
– Answering WH (e.g., Who, What, When, Where, How) questions
– Greetings and closings

Conversation (Advanced)
– Personal information
– Simple statements
– Follow-up questions
– Follow-up Comments and  Questions new!
– Asking WH questions new!
– Measuring exchanges new!

Theory of mind
– Labeling and identify emotions
– Situation-based emotions
– Steps to Social Success (Social Stories) new!

Observational Learning new!
– Sequencing and Predication new!
– Basic memory skills: What is missing? new!
– Learning to describe: Tell me about … new!


Play skills
– Independent Play new!
– Parallel play
– Interactive play
– Pretend play


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